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Needed to put something new on this, so here's something random

2010-07-13 18:33:54 by BlueSionX

Hello, all who care to be listening. That's what... 2 people?

Anyway, Transformice has been taking over my free time for the past two weeks lately. Never heard of it? OMG, are you missing out on the shenanigans.

Here's a little introduction of it somebody made: i7tg&feature=fvsr

Don't let the name fool you, it has nothing to do with transformers but if you're shaman you can find a way to create Retardo the retarded transformer made out of anvils, crates, balloons, and balls. For a fun time, try it out. I'm usually playing with my brother and we just kill each other when we're shamans for the hell of it. I see a lot of /b/tards roaming the areas, so enjoy the randomness of it all.


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2010-07-13 18:38:06

Well...its a start of getting people to listen to you. In other news, you should try to level up more often.

BlueSionX responds:

but I like my lolipop, it lets everyone know that I have a sucker!