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The Prince of Shenanigans

2010-05-15 12:57:06 by BlueSionX

uhhh... hi

The Prince of Shenanigans


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2010-05-16 13:09:31

You're not going to get far in the Girlchan contest when you post in the wrong blog entry... and trace your images with other people's artwork...

(Updated ) BlueSionX responds:

Yeah, that sounds right on that. Wait, there's another person who thought of the same concept?!

Well anyway, I did all the drawing myself (looked at it since I don't have any ink in the printer) it just looks traced because, well I didn't erase my pencil markings when I traced over it in pen. I just thought it would be funny if somebody submitted a version that looks like it came right off the flash... eheheh... err... okay, now I'm just making excuses. You're right, I'm in the wrong. I'll make it more original next time.


2010-07-13 00:52:19

Nice shirt.

BlueSionX responds:



2011-06-16 08:23:30

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